MARIETTA, Ga. -- The 15-year-old co-defendant of a man accused of fatally shooting a baby in his stroller during a robbery attempt in Brunswick pointed at 18-year-old De'Marquise Elkins in court Thursday and said he was the shooter.

Dominique Lang testified Thursday that he ran into Elkins the morning of the March 21 slaying. A short while later, he said, they saw Sherry West with a stroller.

Lang said when Sherry West refused to give up her purse, Elkins threatened to shoot her 13-month-old son in the stroller.

"He threatened the baby," Lang testified.

"Can you tell us how he threatened the baby?" asked prosecutor Liberty Stewart.

"He counted down about five seconds," Lang said.

Lang said after counting down at least twice, Elkins then fired a shot into the ground and shot Sherry West in the leg with a second shot.

He said he heard a third shot in the direction of the stroller, but did not actually see Elkins shoot the baby.

Lang said he and Elkins then ran from the scene.

But under cross-examination, he admitted telling police investigators a different version of what happened.

Lang admitted telling them he actually saw the third shot that hit the child between the eyes, but claimed detectives pressured him to lie.

"Because he was pushing you to say it and you lied and told them you saw it?" defense attorney Jonathan Lockwood asked.

"Yes, sir," Lang replied.

"Because when people push you to say things, you're willing to lie about it, right?" Lockwood persisted.

"Yes, sir," Lang admitted.

He admitted lying at least ten times to investigators about details of the shooting.

"You would have to agree that you're not an honest person, that right?" Lockwood asked.

"Yes, sir", Lang replied.

Lang, who is also charged with murder, is set to be tried later.

The trial was moved from Brunswick to Marietta because of publicity surrounding the case.