COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- The murder trial of a Brunswick teenager will wrap up the first week on Friday.

Legal proceedings have been moved to suburban Atlanta because of pretrial publicity of the case in the media.

De'Marquise Elkins, 18, is charged with the March 21 shooting death of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago.

Elkins is being tried as an adult, but has plead not guilty to all the charges against him

Under Georgia law, the teen is not eligible for the death penalty if convicted, but he could get life in prison.

Prosecutors have argued to the jury that Elkins attempted to steal at gunpoint the purse belonging to Santiago's mother, Sherry West.

West, according to prosecutors, was walking home from the post office while pushing her son in his stroller around 9:15 a.m.

Much of the testimony heard on Thursday came from a co-defendant in the shooting death.

Dominique Lang, 15, of Brunswick admitted to the jury he was there when the shooting happened, but that Elkins is responsible.

Lang testified that the morning of the shooting was the first time he met De'Marquise Elkins. Lang claims the two met up at a Brunswick apartment complex.

"Where did you meet up?" asked prosecutor Liberty Stewart.

Lang responded, "In front of Glenn Villa."

At first, Lang said Elkins asked him if he was Mexican.

Lang said he wasn't, to which he said Elkins responded by saying, "He said if I was Mexican I was going to rob you."

Lang also testified that Elkins asked him if he had robbed anyone before.

Lang said Elkins was armed with a small black and brown gun and that the two walked together to Ellis St.

That is where the jury heard the boys first saw West pushing her son in his stroller.

Lang said Elkins was the aggressor and struggled with West for her purse.

"He was grabbing it, tugging it. She was refusing," the teenager testified.

Eventually, Lang testified Elkins fired two shots. One, he said, hit the ground. Another, he said, hit West in the leg.

Lang said there was a third shot, but that he did not see it because he was running away.

But he did testify that he saw the gun pointed downwards in the direction of the stroller.

"I froze in shock mode," Lang testified.

When asked who fired that weapon and killed the toddler, Lang told police and the jury it was De'Marquise Elkins.

But Assistant Public Defender Jonathan Lockwood spent several hours Thursday trying to dismantle Lang's credibility.

Lang admitted on the stand to lying to police and other individuals in the investigation around 18 times.

Lockwood argued Lang didn't initially report hearing a third shot and that he had trouble identifying De'Marquise Elkins as the shooter.

Lang said he lied because he was under pressure from police.

"When people push you to say things, you're willing to lie?" Lockwood asked.

"Yes sir," Lang answered.

Lockwood and the defense also suggested Lang only chose to testify in hopes of receiving a deal from the state for his charges.

Lang, who hasn't stood trial yet, also faces life in prison if convicted for the toddler's death.

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Ekonomou told the court, "We have no deal with him. We have made him no promises. We have given him no offer leniency in exchange for his testimony. End of story."

More testimony is expected on Friday before court adjourns for the weekend.

The state expects to wrap its case on Monday afternoon or Tuesday.