ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- A 13-year-old girl is recovering after a truck hit her at the bus stop on Thursday morning.

It happened at the intersection of Usina Street and Barcelona Avenue. The eighth grader said she was sitting at the intersection as she does every morning. That's when a truck is thought to have taken a corner too close, hitting the victim with the tire. The driver of the truck pulled over, and called 911.

Tori Reed was taken to the hospital. She had bruises on her back and was bleeding a little. She was released from the hospital a few hours after she was hit. Now, her and her family want everyone to pay more attention when they drive.

"Slow down and watch for our children," said Tori's mom. "Our children are the priority."

The St Johns County Sheriff Office said they're still looking into what happened. No one has been cited and they're not sure if the driver of the truck was speeding.

The investigation is expected to wrap up Monday.