JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- How safe are your kids on the school bus? A local mother is sounding the alarm after she said her child jumped off a bus and ran away.

Randi San Miguel-Estrada said it started when her 8-year-old Noelle got in a fight on the bus on the way home.

"They held him down and took his shoes from him," she said.

So when the bus stopped, he ran. Randiwas waiting for him at the bus stop when she got a call from the police.

"My son fled off the bus, and they can't find him," she said, recalling what the officer told her.

Seventeen miles from home, Noelle ran in to a home at 63rd and North Main streets looking for help, while his Mom and the officer looked for him.

"I was just crying, I couldn't stop myself from crying, I couldn't hardly breathe," she said.

Within minutes, they were able to track him down.

Noelle has behavioral issues and has been in trouble before, but Randi said never anything like this.

"It was the worst feeling I have ever felt in my life. I can't, it's hard to even explain," she said.

Both the school and the bus company say they are investigating the incident.

The driver has been suspended until they can figure out what happened, but the bus company said he acted according to protocol.

Randi says that's not enough.

"To me, it's disgusting. Because if it was one of their kids, how would they feel?" she said.