JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- For 37 years, Carla Smith has been the watchful eyes at Barnes Road and Betty Ann Lane near Englewood Elementary School.

As a crossing guard, she has helped keep children safe on their way to school, but Thursday afternoon she helped her last student across.

"Next week is my 77th birthday and I need to do other things," tells Smith.

She is a fixture in the community, in 37 years she's seen the little ones she once walked safely to school, start bringing their children to cross the same street.

"I say 'oh I remember you when you were little and came across here!' Makes me feel good," says Smith with a smile.

It is 37 years of memories, but there is one thing Smith says she won't miss!

"I am not going to miss the heat! I don't mind the cold at all, but I don't like the heat," she jokes.

No matter the conditions, Smith was always at her post. Though Friday a new face will greet students and parents at this intersection, Smith's legacy of dedication won't be forgotten.

"I'll miss it, but in the long run I have done it long enough. It is time for a young person to come with a little bit more energy," she says.

In her retirement, Smith says she and her husband are going to enjoy some traveling.