JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Some local high school magnet students got an early start to their school year. All summer longdozens ofkids from the culinary arts program at Frank H. Peterson Academy have been learning about the restaurant business at City Kidz Ice Cream Café located on Main Street.

This week, Roberto Brisciani from Spain taught the kids how to create gourmet artisan pizza. Brisciani is the inventor of the Smart Dough System and CEO of Thinking Foods, Inc. Brisciani, who grew up in Italy,has also donated a $17,000 dough mixer and his time in an effort with City Kidz owner, Pastor Clinton Bush, to give high school students a head start in the food service business.

"My dream is to have a good school and improve the quality of food all around the world," sais Brisciani.

The City Kidz Ice Cream Cafe is an effort by Pastor Bush to create a teaching environment for teens in a working restaurant.

"Roberto made a commitment to come back every month and actually train these students," said Pastor Bush.

Some of the high school students are seniors and want to continue learning about food service in college.

"I've learned like how to run a restaurant," said Lillian Smyth.

Jasmine Faison works up to six days a week at the restaurant and has received a college scholarship to pursue culinary arts in college.

Pastor Bush says he hopes to recruit 200 students this year from the culinary arts department from Frank H Peterson Academy