JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --The dog days of summer have turned Mount Carmel Gardens into a hotbed of complaints.

"It is getting bad," said Paul Makowski.

The tenants of the high rise are mostly seniors and the disabled. John Duggan said he finds it much cooler outside in the shade than inside his apartment.

"They say they're working on it," said Duggan, "But a lot of people have doubts."

The complex is privately owned but receives HUD rental subsidy.

"Youcall and yeah its going to get fixed, when is anybody doing anything?" asked Donna Clabough.

It is a question everyone is asking. Kenny Dockswell uses a fan in his apartment but saidhe's paying for air conditioning service, not a fan.

The management has posted signs around the building but there's still no comfort for the residents who read them. On Thursday a representative fromSoutheastern Property Management was on location,conducting a unit by unit survey.

"We're concerned about our residents," said Charee Russell.

Russell saidthe A/C was damaged by lightening on July 30 and is nowworking at fifty percent capacity. She said they are working to replace it.

"A chiller system this size you can't buy off the shelve at a hardware store we had to order it and it is a four to six week lead time," said Russell.

Russell said in the meantimethey have placedportable air conditioning units and fans placed in the common areas, if the residents apartments are too warm they can go to the common area and cool off.

A HUD spokesperson said they are monitoring the situation.