There are two tropical systems we are watching in the Atlantic. One has a name, the other could bring us weekend rain.

One is Tropical Storm Erin, over 3,600 miles to our east. It was upgraded this morning just before 8 a.m. The other is near the Yucatan and has no name.

Usually when a storm develops near the coast of Africa this quickly it will fizzle out or stay adrift in the middle of the ocean. By Tuesday morning, Erin will still be well to the east of Puerto Rico and will have weakened.

Between now and then, the 40 mile-per-hour winds will grow to 60 miles-per-hour and then fade to 45 miles-per-hour according to the National Hurricane Center. There is still plenty of time to track this storm.

The system closer to the area is still developing near Cancun. Even if this system gets a name, Fernand, it will just be a rainmaker for us.

Get ready for a very wet weekend. While the center of the system could go to Biloxi or further west, showers will come this way. Name or no name, we could be looking at 2-4 inches of rain in some areas by Sunday evening.

The First Coast News Weather Team will track both systems in real time with the 2 Minute Advantage to keep you safe and up to date. The most active part of hurricane season is just beginning. Update your disaster kit from the list in the First Coast News Emergency Preparedness guide.