JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The man accused of murdering 17 year-old Jordan Davis faces a trial early next year pushing back a tentative date of next month.

Michael Dunn made a brief appearance in court on Thursday. His attorney Cory Strolla told the judge scores of witnesses still need to be deposed. Strolla suggested a trial date in February saying it would likely take two weeks.

Circuit Judge Russell Healy granted the delay saying he wants to the trial to get underway in January and at the latest in February.

The murder case has attracted national attention since the teen's death November 23 outside a Southside convenience store. Police say loud music triggered a confrontation between Dunn and Davis. Dunn sayshe saw a gun in the vehicle. Police never recovered a weapon.

State Attorney Angela Corey who is prosecuting Dunn in court said she had no problem with the trial being delayed.

After the hearing, the parents of Jordan Davis had plenty to say on the steps of thecourthouse.

Ron Davis has been at all the hearings since his son was murdered.

Davis said he had hoped to see Dunn express some remorse for taking the life of his son.

"Maybe it is better for me to realize I am not gong to get whatI was looking for which is remorse," said Davis.

Davis and Jordan's mother, Lucia McBeth say next weekend they will participate in a civil rights march in Washington, D.C.

On November 27 which marks the one year since Jordan was murdered,his family is planning a march in his memory. The event will start at the Jacksonville Landing and end at Metro Park.