JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --Dozens of elderly people are dealing with extreme heat with little or no air conditioning in their subsidized housing.

Now after tenants say they've waited three weeks for property management to take care of the issue, they're asking First Coast News for help.

"They're waiting for parts they're getting around to it you know you don't get around to it when you're seniors and on disability," said Kenny Duckswell, a Mt. Carmel Gardens resident.

Dockswell says he's been taking three showers a day and living with the lights turned off since the end of July when he says the air conditioner at Mt. Carmel Gardens stopped working.

We got a hold of the management company, Southeastern Property Management, and they confirmed the air conditioning is not working to its full capacity, after they say the building was hit by lightning.

Charee Russell, the regional property manager added, "we're doing the best that we can to help them."

The temporary fix includes a cooling station on the first floor of the building as they wait for a new 200 ton chiller to be built.

But when asked for the name of the company doing the work, they did not know, an answer that did not sit well with a tenant who asked to remain anonymous.

"Personally I think they're lying, I ran a big business and it doesn't take three weeks to get estimates and have something done."

The Southeastern Property Management said they do not know when the air conditioning will be functioning completely.

The regional manager, Charee Russell, will be on site Thursday morning to inspect the building.