JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- He's only eight-years-old and he's already helping the community of Jacksonville.

Kevin Mcafee recently won a toothpaste drawing contest and donated his winnings to the Sulzbacher Center in Downtown Jacksonville.

"You have to become one with the art," he explained.

This isn't his first win. His other artwork was hand-picked by First Lady Michelle Obama for the White House Easter egg roll where he met the first family earlier this year.

His most recent work was chosen as one of 10 to win $10,000 in Tom's of Maine's "Be a Tooth Fairy hero" initiative. The money went to a non-profit of his choice and he chose the Sulzbacher Center, an organization that provides food and shelter for homeless people in Jacksonville.

"It's really important to me, because everybody should have a beautiful smile," he explained.

"We're very proud of him," his mother, Seana said with a smile. "He actually entered this contest for the sole purpose of trying to help the Sulzbacher Center, which our family holds near and dear to our heart."

Wednesday, FCN got an inside look at the dental clinic where all of that money was used.

Roughly $5,100 went to refurbishing a dental chair last week.

About $4,000 bought a new X-ray machine and about $1,000 bought a new dental surgical hand piece.

"We were not able to use one of our five dental rooms," Doctor Suzanne Ebert, Dental Director for the Sulzbacher Center, said. "We also were not able to use one of our dental X-ray units."

Dr. Ebert called the donation "A Godsend".

"Thank you Kevin for what you have done for us, because we can do so much more for our community," Ebert said. "People that desperately, desperately need the care that we can give."

So, what's next? Dr. Ebert said the donation will help pave the way for extending the clinic's hours.

Kevin said he'll keep entering contests and he's confident he'll win more.