JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- 'Crime Stoppers' is the anonymous tip line the police ask you to call when violent crime hits the First Coast.

Arsons, shootings, misdemeanors; Crime Stoppers says they'll work to close every case, but are the calls to Crime Stoppers still coming in?

"You can call and say something skeptical but that could be the missing part they need," said Wyllie Hodges, Exec. Director of First Coast Crime Stoppers.

According to the executive director of the non-profit, more than 3,000 calls have come into First Coast Crime Stoppers.

In 2013 the calls lead to 196 arrests including theNassau County arsons and the Metro PCS shooting.

Now Robin Lezcano is hoping the community will make the call and help find the person responsible for shooting her sister, Amber Bass.

"If you did care about my sister at all you would feel a little bit of this pain that we're feeling and come forward and know how important it is to come forward," said Lezcano.

Crime Stoppers says so far they have received only a handful of calls in regards to 22-year-old Amber Bass who was gunned down in her sister's driveway on July 19.

"The location, the time of the day, unless the person that done it either had an accomplice or told someone there's really no witnesses," said Hodges.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office have not identified any suspects or commented on the motive. The department has only released a sketch of Bass' purse and a surveillance video picture of a light-colored car spotted around the time of her death.

Despite the minimal information Hodges is hoping the non-profit and their $3,000 payout will help motivate someone to come forward because when it comes to closing a case, all you need is one tip.

If you have any information on the Amber Bass investigation police are asking you to call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.