JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Thousands of Bieber fans come Downtown to see him concert, but Justin Bieber won't be on stage. That's Jacksonville's Justin Bieber, of course.

In 2010 we learned that Justin Bieber, a Jacksonville resident in his 30s, was being bombarded with fan mail and phone calls from Justin Bieber fans.

He even had his Facebook blocked because Justin's people thought he was pretending to be the pop star. During the weeks leading up to the celebrity Justin Bieber's concert, Jacksonville's Bieber began receiving 10 calls a day again from fans.

Two years ago he was invited to several talk shows to talk about his name and how life has been being the 'other' Bieber.

"It never occurred to me. It's not a common name, never thought about it until one day my wife clicked on YouTube and did a search and we saw a video of a young teenager singing at his high school and she said 'oh this kid has the same name as you and then a few years later the phone calls and the mail started," said Justin Bieber.