FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. -- The Flagler County Sheriff's Office has about 7,000 items of unclaimed evidence and found property -- and they want the owners to come and get it.

The Sheriff's Office has reached out on its Facebook page urging the owners to look at the list and they think it is theirs, to come by and claim it. There are names with some of the items that have gone unclaimed.

The unclaimed evidence, and found property, is under lock and key with security alarms. It is bagged ans sealed and labeled.

Evidence custodian Jason Prather would like to see it go to give him room for more.

Among the unusual items of little value, a bloody steak knife and half-smoked cigar, a Spanish 3 work-book.

But some items do have value.

"Every once in a while, we get a wallet with 50-60 dollars in it and if there is a driver license we can match it up and contact them back," said Prather.

Among the items we saw, a woman named Pamela Desilva has a wallet with a social security card, James Davis has a machete with a wooden handle.

A found bicycle is turned in on average once a day.

Some of the items are old. Two watches from a 1976 homicide are still in the evidence room.

Right now the most valuable found property, $7,000 in cash, was found at the Epic Theater in Palm Coast a month ago, turned in by an usher who was cleaning the theater.

"I am impressed, that someone would turn it in, that is the way we all should be", said movie goer Kim Olson.

Among evidence now being held, a commercial ATM, handcuffs, money ranging from 66 pennies to $290. If you think it might be yours, Prather will gladly let you take it off his hands.

"Absolutely. Come take all your stuff back."

The found property is held for 90 days, and then if there is any value to it at all, it is donated to the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch.

A list of the items to be claimed can be found HERE.