JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Cordero Anthony Webber and Kierra Hayes-Laird were sentenced Tuesday afternoon in the death of their 5 month old, according to a State of Attorney's press release.

Webber, 24, received 45 consecutive years in prison. He received 30 years on one count of manslaughter and 15 years on one count of aggravated child neglect.

Hayes-Laird, 24, was sentenced to one year in the Duval County Jail followed by two years of community control and five years probation, the release detailed.

Webber and Hayes-Laird were at the home at the time of the incident, when Hayes-Laird found her baby boy not breathing in November 2011.

The release said that the evidence showed the infant died from suffered a blow to the head. Doctors also discovered multiple bruises and abrasions on the baby's cheeks, chin, head and ears. The baby's brain stopped growing due to the trauma and was half the normal size. In addition, the release said the infant was severely malnutrition and had prior healing rib fractures.