JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A 76-year-old man died Tuesday after being struck by a car on the Atlantic Blvd.

The victim, who has yet to be identified, is the second person to be hit by a car in three days.

"I had two skull fractures but the brain hemorrhage is why they actually flew me to Shands," said Richard Warner, who was hit by a car.

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Richard Warner, considers himself one of the lucky ones after being hit by a car January 25 while jogging near his home in St. Augustine.

"I think from what I understand, and from what I saw with the pictures and what was told to me, it basically scooped me up into the windshield and then threw me back off," said Warner.

The Florida Department of Transportation, ranked Jacksonville in the top 10 cities in the state for pedestrian and bicycle crashes with 41 deaths last year.

Now with two car-vs-pedestrian accidents over the last three days, pedestrian deaths remain an issue.

To combat the problem Jacksonville's 2030 Mobility Plan includes over 100 miles of bicycle and 68 miles of pedestrian improvements.

"I believe it's a responsibility on both parties, the drivers and the pedestrians. You've got to watch out because one driver isn't paying attention and you gotta watch out because pedestrians aren't paying attention," said Warner.

And lack of attention could cost you your life.

Tuesday's pedestrian accident is still under investigation.