JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- For Tabitha Engler, 15, of Jacksonville, everything in her room is new to her. From the bunk bed frames, to the sheets, to the comforter.

For some people, like Tabitha, it was hard just getting to school while she was homeless.

Engler used to take the city bus to school

"That meant I had to get up 30-45 minutes early and if I missedit, I was another 2 hours late for school," she explained.

She'll now take a school bus.

Engler and her family are just getting back on their feet.

Tabitha happily showed me her family's apartment that's been home for a little over a month after being homeless.

First Coast News and the "I'm A Star Foundation" recently raised more than $20,000 to help homeless students including Engler.

"I think it's absolutely amazing," she said. "I definitely wasn't expecting it to be that amount."

The funds will help some 2,000 homeless students on the First Coast.

"They're going to be able to go easier," Engler said, of homeless students on the First Coast. "They will have this fund."

Tabithat's mother, Wendy, thanked everyone who donated.

For the next year First Coast News will follow the journey of Tabitha and another homeless hs student, Soban.

There is a section about them with photos donated by Leonard's photography on our website.