Nationwide, budget cuts have hit many of us, but especially hard hit is a vulnerable population of Duval County -- those who have applied for Section 8 housing vouchers.

Right now, thousands of those vouchers are on hold.

John McEldowney lives in Callahan and said he can't afford to take care of his place any longer. That's why he filled out an application for Section 8 rental assistance to move to Jacksonville.

The problem: there's more than 10,000 people on that list and the housing authority said they're not issuing any new vouchers.

That leaves people like McEldowney looking for a Plan B.

"I can't do it," he said.

McEldowney, 70, has called a quiet spot in Callahan home for more than 15 years. But now, rising costs and a family situation are forcing him out.

"You don't just buy everything on Social Security," he said.

That's why he applied for Section 8 help from the Jacksonville Housing Authority. But that's not going to get him very far. The sequestration cuts in Washington DC have put a stop to money McEldowney and more than 10,000 others in Jacksonville are looking for.

So now, all McEldowney can do is hope he gets some financial help.

"I would like to be here -- right here -- but not in this," he said.

Reporter: In Jacksonville?

"Yeah, in one of those apartments because all I need is a room and a bathroom," he said. "I'll just take everything one day at a time."

A thought he said won't be running through everyone's head.

"Probably a lot of people wouldn't be able to think that that -- cause they'd just think because you fill out the application you have to get me in."

But those people that filled out applications could be waiting literally for years.

The housing authority said to get through the list, it would take tens of millions of dollars they don't have and at least four years.

Now, there is some good news. The housing authority is still issuing vouchers to veterans looking for a place to live. That money is coming from a grant.