JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Technology is providing the city another resource in keeping traffic moving; dynamic messaging is the tool.

Across the city, electronic signs are poppingup mostlyon roadways that intersect Interstate 95.

The signs are designed to compliment the huge Florida Department of Transportation signs on the interstate that spell out delays and accidents.

The small signs have a different mission and will guide traffic that is detoured off the interstate like on Philips Highway and University Boulevard.

"The small signs that people are seeing now are going to provide arrows or message to say 'turn right,' 'turn left,' and help direct them through a detour or around an incident," said Jeff Sheffield, who heads up the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization.

The signsthat currently read "FDOT TEST MSG" will be brought into action in the next 30 days. This fall, traffic planners will see how effective they were in directing traffic around traffic problems.

All together, 17 electronic signs will be in place as part of the dynamic messaging test.