(NBC News) -- It's never too early to ride on 20-inch rims - and a Czech automaker has made it possible to do so earlier than ever, well, in your dreams.

It's called the Mega Man-Pram and it's arguably the manliest stroller of all-time.

The new age baby carrying monstrosity is equipped with hydraulic suspension, anti-stress grips, 20-inch rims alloy wheels and a headlight.

Dubbed the "ultimate accessory for new dads," the product is actually part of an ad campaign for a new car by the company.

The survey of 1,000 British fathers, commissioned by ŠKODA, also found 76 percent of dads would be more inclined to spend more time pushing the baby carriage if they had access to a stylish, high-spec buggy.

Unfortunately here are no plans to market or to sell the beefy baby buggy, said ŠKODA spokeswoman Michelle Henniker.