JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Fran Bloomfield loves the Magnolia tree that sits at the edge of her property facing Lane Avenue.

"I planted it 50 years ago," said Bloomfield.

She was happy until a few days ago. Bloomfield said a city crew wastrimming trees in her Lane avenue community and decided to trim the branches from her Magnolia.

"Mutilated it is what I call it," she said.

Bloomfield saidit was done without advance notice and it was done without her permission.

"My dog started barking then I came out here and they had already cut all the limbs," she said.

And adding to her frustration of the branches cut hanging near the sidewalk, workers came on her property to make a deeper cut.

"They were on my property," said Bloomfield. "I mean look how far back they went on my property."

Bloomfield, 83, said she routinely trims her trees and felt it was never a threat to anyone using the sidewalk.

"I have friends that walk, older people, so I don't want them to hurt themselves either so I trim along the sidewalk," she said.

A city spokesperson said there was a complaint about an obstruction caused by the tree.

"It wasn't hanging over. They just decided that it needed to go back further," she said.

Bloomfield said she is not happy with the way it happened.

"I'm just really, really upsetthat they could take it upon themselves to come on your property," she said. "The mayor's office said they're not suppose to come on your property and do that, they did."

Bloomfield saidbeing 83 she won't live long enough to see the branches recover.

"It is loaded in blooms all the time, people stop by and tell me how beautiful it is, they won't do that now,' she said.

The City of Jacksonville, the JEA, even the Department of Transportation will clear or trim trees that's an obstruction or potential hazard.

But what if the trunk of that tree is on private property?

A JEA spokesperson saidits contractors are required to notify the property owner in advance in person on by a door knocker.

The city's policy is different.

A spokesperson said in general the city does not notify the homeowner in advance -- it is a case by case basis.