The Sharkini, by Bad Aby Designs, is a grey and toothy, but won't scare away swimmers.

The jaw-shaped midriff of the swimsuit gives a peep of the stomach with an edgy cutout, complete with white leatherette teeth.

The trendy bathing suit is sure to grab you, and may prompt losing some meat-from the mid section. Although the Sharkini is made-to-order, the revealing stomach will not be forgiving.

After paying $100 for the creation, the customers can use the three to four weeks it takes to arrive to hit the gym.

The bold beachgoers willing to don the Sharkini can customize it with different colorways and shoulder straps as well as alter the type of padding at the bust.

With Shark Week only five days away, Bad Aby Designs can rip through it for an extra $50.

Beware, "Your tan lines may look a little fishy," Jezebel warns.