LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- We all aware of the very reasonableFederal Aviation Administration no-nos that prohibit weapons, smokingand "interference" with airline personnel, but the airlines have theirown rules, too. Here are five ways to get kicked off a flight.

1. Smelling like a locker room - Buying a ticket contractuallyobligates you to refrain from boarding in "a malo-dor-ous condition." Ifyou run out of time for a shower before your flight, at least take asponge bath, just to be safe.

2. Bringing your germs onboard - If you appear seriously ill,especially with a condition that seems contagious, and can't produce adoctor's written permission to travel, you may not be allowed to fly.

3. Dressing inappropriately - Revealing clothing, including baggypants hanging south of the undershorts, and T-shirts broadcasting lewdsayings or inflammatory political slogans have gotten passengers ousted.

4. Swearing like a sailor - Numerous conflicts during boarding thatcould have been resolved quickly ended instead with passengers beingescorted off the plane when the confrontation escalated into dirtylanguage.

5. Public displays of affection - Thanks to crowded flights withcramped seats, very little goes unnoticed by your fellow passengers onan airplane. So you're better off saving any overtly enthusiasticdisplays of affection for your hotel room.