JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville teenager who has been very ill this summer just landed tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert. A friend and a stranger helped make it happen.

Lauren Fernandez, 17, is a summer camp buddy at the Diocese of St. Augustine's "I am Special" camp in the Fruit Cove area.

"I am a one-on-one caregiver/friend. I was lucky enough to be paired up with Laura," said Fernandez.

Fernandez heard that Laura Monger, 17, wanted to go to the Justin Beiber concert next week in Jacksonville.

Laura is a big Justin Beiber fan. Laura also has spina bifida. She uses a powerchair and spent time in the hospital this summer due to her illness.

Lauren smiled and said, "If you ask her, 'Laura, who's your boyfriend? She says, 'Justin Beiber!''"

Sure enough, Laura told First Coast News Monday that Justin Bieber "is my boyfriend."

Lauren's friend and classmate, Tyson Lassen, just so happened to have Justin Bieber tickets.

"I bought them to resell them," Lassen explained. "I bought them for $200. I was planning to get $250."

Lauren thought about buying them for Laura but couldn't afford to buy the tickets and neither could Laura's family.

"Then I thought about it," Tyson said. "and the right thing to do was to give them to her."

Tyson gave the tickets to Lauren to give to Laura.

"So we went and surprised her at her house and gave her a poster," Lauren noted, "and she was so excited!"

The story doesn't stop there.

"We're trying to get Justin Bieber's attention through Twitter so maybe Laura can meet him because she really is Justin Bieber's biggest fan," Lauren explained.

So fellow camp buddies and friends are pushing the Twitter #helpLaurameetJB.

"I'd rather make her happy then to have $200," Lassen added.