SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) - A beach along Lake Brantley has been closed after a 12-foot alligator was spotted.

The Florida Wildlife Commission was notified about the animal near the Sweetwater Oaks beach off Palmetto Concourse.

"Myfirst thought was 'Holy cow, that's a big gator,' at least 12 feet inmy opinion," said Chett Pritt of Sweetwater Oaks Home OwnersAssociation.

The homeowners association said it was advised to close the beach because the gator was so close to the shore.

FWC said it will set bait and try and catch the alligator over the next few days.

"FloridaFish and Wildlife are aware of it, they've been out this morning, triedcalling it in today, no luck," said Pritt. "They will try to come backthroughout the day, throughout the week. They say it may take a weekto see what's going on because the gator's so big. He's likely reallysmart."

Recently, an alligator bit a swimmer in the Little Econ River. That gator was captured quickly.