OCALA, Fla. -- Police say 24-year-old mother Valita Burton left her 3-year-old son inside a home without air-conditioning was arrested on Friday and charged with child neglect after the child was taken to the hospital for treatment when his temperature reached 100 degrees.

Ocala Police Department Officer Janette Cabrera received a 911 call about a small child left alone in a duplex-style residence at 804 SW Second St. Arriving at the home at 4:30 p.m., the officer knocked on the door, which was slightly ajar, several times.

Not receiving a response, the officer entered the home and the temperature inside was described as "extremely hot with no air circulation." There was a strong cat odor and the inside was described as "messy," the officer noted in her report.

Looking in the living room, the officer noticed a thick blue blanket rolled up on the couch. Moving the blanket, the officer saw a little boy underneath who appeared to be unresponsive, sweaty and had fleas on him.