JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville man said he doesn't know where his scooter is. Plus, he said he feels like he's caught in the middle of an unfortunate situation after he bought it to a local mechanic to be fixed.

So he called the First Coast News On Your Side team for help.

The only photo Francisco Ofray has of his new scooter is on his computer.

"It's at 300 Cc's. Very, very, very strong," he said, as he talked about the red wine-colored scooter.

Ofray said he paid $2,500 for it and ordered it online from China in May.

"I need it because it's the only way I can go to medical appointments," he explained.

Ofray claims the scooter arrived damaged. So, a little more than a month ago, he took it to JC Automotive to get fixed.

"Real, real nice people though," Ofray said as he described the owner and people at the repair shop. "Very friendly."

Then on July 12, according to police, an altercation at the store led to Everett Douglas being shot by the shop's owner.

Police said Douglas died at the hospital. The shop owner told FCN by phone that his shop closed because of the shooting.

Ofray said he feels caught in the middle. He said he doesn't know where his scooter is.

"If he still has it, we can still do the business," Ofray offered. "Put the fan in, fix it and I'll pay you. But I want my scooter."

The shop's owner didn't want to go on camera but told FCN that everything, including Ofray's scooter, was put into storage on the Southside about a week ago.

The owner claims he told Ofray where the scooter was located. He said all Ofray has to do is call and he'll be able to get his scooter back.

The owner also said that Ofray won't have to pay any storage fees.

Ofray said he's learned a lesson from all of this. He claims he didn't have a written contract and he said next time, he'll stay with his scooter and part and watch it get fixed.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said if or when an arrest is made in the shop shooting, a news conference will be held.