TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The Dream Defenders holding a sit-in at the Florida Capitol say if Gov. Rick Scott won't call a special legislative session on civil rights, then they will hold their own.

Members of the group rallied outside Gov. Scott's office Tuesday and announced they will host a special session that brings together experts on juvenile justice, lawmakers and child advocates.

Dream Defender Ciara Taylor said their special session will focus on three elements of a so-called Trayvon's Law.

"What we will be reviewing is the Stand Your Ground law, we'll be reviewing zero-tolerance policies, as well as racial profiling within law enforcement and those will all be encompassed in what we're calling Trayvon's Law."

Dream Defender Phillip Agnew says young people are dying in Florida. He calls it a state of crisis and Florida needs to take action right now.

"It's our contention that no matter how clean the floor of the hole is, no matter how good it smells on the floor of the hole, no matter how nice people treat you at the bottom of the hole, Florida's children are still in a hole. Since the governor refuses to take leadership, we will be convening our own special session. We'll be calling on our lawmakers from the state, experts from around the country to convene here in Florida."

The Dream Defenders say they will hold their special session each Tuesday in the coming weeks and call it "Takeover Tuesday."

They have not picked a location yet, but in the meantime, they plan to continue their round-the-clock vigil at the State Capitol.