JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office held a press conference Tuesday in reference to an incident at a Motel 6 on 8285 Dix Ellis Trail.

According to Lieutenant Rob Schoonover, two suspects, James Dickerson, 30, and Donald Dickerson, 32, were arrested in connection to the Motel 6 arson, shooting and sexual battery case on Friday, July 19.

Two female victims had a motel room and victim #1 called Donald Dickerson to hang out. James Dickerson showed up with a handgun and forced the females to strip, and according to the police report, they were both tied up with bed sheets and sexually assaulted.

Allegedly, Donald Dickerson arrived and took part in the sexual battery. A third victim, a male, showed up and was tied up, covered and threatened with the handgun. When victim #1 attempted to resist, she was shot in the head, according to the press conference.

Following the sexual battery, the suspects took money, valuables, and car keys from the victims and lit the room on fire. The suspects allegedly took off in victim #1's car that she was borrowing.

Victim #3 was able to free himself and drag the other two victims out of the burning room to safety. The stolen car was located at a residence tied to the Dickerson family, according to the police report.

Victim #1 is still in the hospital and was able to write down the name of the suspects, who were then immediately identified by the other two victims after being shown a photo spread. The other two victims were released from the hospital.

The suspects are being charged with attempted murder, arson, armed robbery, carjacking with firearm or deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and sexual battery, according to the police report.