ATLANTA, Ga. -- Usher Raymond, IV is known for singing, songwriting and performing, but he's also gaining a respect for his work with youth.

Usher is now collaborating with the Georgia Department of Education to do more.

Usher New Look Foundation (UNL) is working with Georgia DOE on a curriculum that will help motivate kids.

"Youth go to school and maybe they're not engaged," Usher said. "Maybe they say that what I'm learning here isn't applicable to what I want to do with my life."

Usher created the UNL in 1999 and has worked to create young leaders.

"If there's an opportunity to engage youth and teach them or lead them to what they want to do with their lives, to become future leaders or entrepreneurs, then we're making a connection and we're doing exactly what the purpose of the new look foundation is," Usher said.

One of his big supporters in Georgia's First Lady, Sandra Deal.

"They (youth) see the success of Usher and he encourages them to find their passion and follow it and to develop their own identity and own self worth," Mrs. Deal said. "He's giving them a reason finish schools and to be leaders in our communities and to solve the problems."

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