JACKSONVILLE, FLa.-- Don Butler is keeping watch over his neighborhood, whether over the phone or on foot, he's constantly working to keep the criminals out of his section of Arlington.

"I feel like you're going to be a victim eventually, some where, someway, or somehow," said Don Butler, neighborhood watch organizer.

In 2008 he says his community turned into a hot bed of criminal activity and had a number of shootings and burglaries. Butler decided to fight back against the criminals and start a neighborhood watch.

"It got to the point in this neighborhood in '08,'09 where the children couldn't go out and play because someone would speed by or do a drug deal," said Jeanne Kline a neighborhood watch member.

Now almost five years later, the block watch he started is a mile and a half by a mile wide and is responsible for getting rid of a drug house.

But after the arrest of neighborhood watchmen George Zimmerman for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, Don Butler and the watch members are reminded they are liable for their actions.

"There's a lot that can happen to you guilty or not guilty. You're going to go through the gamut of the judicial system," said Butler.

So while the Zimmerman trial has attracted national attention and questions over lock watch procedures, Butler is sticking with the program and encouraging his neighbors to do the same.