BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- A keen eye helped to lead investigators to the body of a missing woman and helped to narrow in on a suspect Sunday.

Around 1:40 p.m. Glynn County Police investigators found a fresh path in a wooded area off Bladen Road off Highway 99 in Brunswick.

EARLIER STORY:Body found, suspect named in Amber Whited murder

"They stopped to investigate what that might be, they walked through the ditch into the woods about 50 feet and found her," saidChief Matt Doering,Glynn County Police Department.

Doering said he believes the body police found is that of Amber Whited, 22, who's been missing since Tuesday.

Doering says investigators were in the area to talk to family members of the suspect, 20-year-old Raymond Brasiel who was arrested on Friday for a separate murder charge related to a double stabbing on Old Post Road.

Doering wouldn't comment on how Brasiel is linked to Amber Whited's death but said he is the suspect and murder charges are expected.

Whited's grandmother says she hoped police would find her granddaughter alive.

"We just can't believe that somebody could do that to her. They said the man that did it has scratches all over his face andI'm proud of that," said Edith Whited, the victim's grandmother.

Police are not commenting on the condition of the body or what might be the cause of death, but Doering says he believes the body had been there since Tuesday.

Last Wednesday police found Whited's carsix miles from where she was last seen. Sunday police found her body 15 miles from where the car was found.

"A lot of area to cover. I'm just thankful for the investigators following up on leads, developing leads, and looking at this little trail that said 'hmm I wonder' and that little wonder led to her discovery," said Chief Doering.

The family said it is thankful for all of the community's help.

Whited leaves behind two little girls of agesfour and one. Her grandmother said she will have to find a way to tell the four-year-old why her mom isn't coming back.

"We're just going to tell her she's gone to heaven to be with the Lord. That's all we can do because she won't understand," said Whited.