JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The going rate for a gallon of regular gas in Jacksonville is right around $3.69.

That is up 6 cents in the last five days, and up 21 cents in the last 12 days.

John Washburn, a husband and father of one, is frustrated with the big hike in recent days.

"There is more that I could do for my child, more I could do for my house, my wife, if they would keep it at a steady price and quit raising it," said Washburn.

The price of crude oil has risen to over a $100 barrell.

Experts say the price has shot up because of political unrest in Egypt, an increasing fear that the Suez canal might be shut off.

Speculative trades by investors is another reason.

Oil analysts are predicting prices are likely to continue to rise, but the national average right now is still short of the highest average price this year of $3.79 a gallon back in February.