POLK COUNTY, Fla. -- A man has been arrested for burglaryand vandalism of a deputies home and left a note saying, "The Joker ishere!"

22-year-old Matthew Lash began to vandalize early Tuesdaymorning, July 9 at a Polk County deputy's home. He threw concrete blocksat the patrol car, shattered a window and stole a flashlight from thecar. Lash also broke out the windows of the deputy's pickup truckcausing over $1,000 in damage. Lash then left a on the front door thatread: "The Joker is here! Jokes on you, Bi***!

Then on Friday, aman living in the same neighborhoodreported that someone, later identified as Lash, was attempting to openthe sliding glass door into his bedroom. As the man started toinvestigate, Lash threw a landscape rock through their Florida roomsliding glass door. As the residents investigated further, they heardloud noises coming from the area of Matthew Lash's residence onArrowhead Road. They also noticed that the deputy's truck window wasbroken out a second time.

According to reports, deputies arrived and found Lash out inthe street with a bb-gun rifle; he was acting erratically. He wasordered back to his home but later came out with a box cutter. He wasthen taken into custody.

During interviews with Lash, he admitted to the vandalism andburglaries. He later told deputies that he was drinking, got angry, andthat he holds no ill will towards the deputy. Lash was transported tothe Polk County Jail.