SANFORD, Fla. - A community prayer service is underway right now at New Life World Church on Oak Ave. in Sanford.

It is organized by a group of religious leaders called Sanford Pastors Connecting.

The group formed following the February 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, 17.

It is focused in part on moving the central Florida community forward, bringing people together and easing race relations.

One way members chose to achieve their goals was to hold prayer services at churches all over Sanford and Seminole County at noon on Mondays.

Today's is the first service since a jury acquitted George Zimmerman, the Sanford man accused of murdering Martin.

Mary Reynolds, 70, is one of dozens of people who came out to sing, worship and rejoice.

She said her prayers are directed at both the Martin and Zimmerman families.

The verdict makes her unhappy, she said, in part because she fears what would happen if one of her children or grandchildren never came home.

"They asked him to stay in the car. All he had to do was stay there. Give us a break. Give him a break. He was a young man. What young man doesn't make mistakes but you shouldn't have to die for that," she said.

The hope is the service Monday will help remind people to direct their reactions to the verdict in a positive manner and that they are not alone.

"Our call is to pray for our community for the long term unity, peace and strength of relationships, our churches welcome any and all to come and offer prayer to The Lord for ourselves, for all involved and for our community, " said Rev. Charlie Holt of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Lake Mary.