JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was the verdict heard around the world late Saturday night.

A jury in Seminole County found George Zimmerman "not guilty" of second degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Church goers had mixed reactions about the verdict.

"Because the evidence that I read about and saw all seemed to point to his innocence,"Linda Giles said.

Some people FCN spoke to are asking where do we go from here? Some are also asking should the Feds get involved?

Eric Friday is an FCN legal analyst.

"In a not guilty verdict, this is the end. This is it. It's over,"said legal analyst Eric Friday."As far as could the federal government get involved, there are people calling for a DOJ (Department of Justice) investigation. The problem is there's already been a DOJ investigation very early on."

"More importantly, I don't think race was a factor in this case to begin with," Friday said.

Meanwhile, other church goers like, Darnell Bennett, of Jacksonville, shared what they want next.

"I hope we can gain some peace here. That we can come to a place where we can be calm about it," he said.

Annette Brown, of Jacksonville, said, "The Lord knows who is guilty. He will give justice."

Christen Leggette, of Jacksonville, said "Love each other and hope that violence is not the answer to any type of conflict."

FCN also asked Friday what impact this verdict could have on future cases, like the Jordan Davis case.

"This case should have no impact on the jordan davis case. Except, maybe, to show that the we can respect the verdicts of our courts.," Friday said.

Friday also said the possibility is there for the Martin family to bring a civil suit for wrongful death, but under a certain circumstance, the Martin family could be required to pay Zimmermen's attorney's fees for the civil suit.