SANFORD, Fla. -- As the crowd on the lawn outside the courthouse in Sanford continues to swell, so does the number of network correspondents.

Spectators who gathered with signs stopped to take pictures with television anchors like Geraldo Rivera. All of the major networks have crews outside the Sanford courthouse.

More than 250 media parking passes were handed out to around 65 news outlets for the trial. Journalists have come from as far away as France and Columbia.

Some of the crews have been here for five weeks. David Sirak, the head of the Local Media Committee, said they have been working on the logisitics of coordinating all of the media for nearly a year.

The presence of police is also growing as the jury continues its deliberations. Uniformed officers are standing by watching the crowd. The Seminole County Sheriff's Office has not released specifics on how many officers are here, but a spokeswoman said it is receiving help from neighboring departments.