Sanford, Fla. -- A Sanford native who grew up during the civil rights era questions the future of his hometown and what might happen after the Zimmerman rush is over.

61-year-old Don Brown says he believes all the attention on Sanford after Trayvon Martin's death is a good thing.

"There are thousands of Sanfords throughout the United States, their story just don't get told. Here's an opportunity to put a story to be told," said Brown.

Brown has been on verdict watch with many other community membersat the Goldsboro Community Center and says no matter what the verdict is, no one wins.

"There's no winner in this thing and for me just as I told you earlier, coming up and growing up in Sanford, Florida I've seen a lot of things happen that was injustice being done," added Brown.

Now, the question on Brown's mind is what will happen after the Zimmerman trial is over.

"Where do we go after this is over? When the news media blows over? Two, three, five years down the road are we going to go back to business as usual?" asked Brown.

He says he agrees Sanford has come a long way since Martin's death, but is curious to find out what the future will look like.