SANFORD, Fla. -- The crowd gathered outside the Seminole County Criminal Complex where jurors are deliberating the fate of George Zimmerman is growing, but remaining peaceful.

Sanford resident Donna Derousha has been sitting in the hot sun on the lawn in front of the courthouse with her two small dogs for more than four hours. She has been spraying her dogs with water to keep them cool. She taped a hand-written poster that says "2 wrongs don't make a right! Not guilty! Justice for George."

Derousha explains why she came to the courthouse: "I guess to support George, and my rights."

Retesha Anusionwu drove from Orlando with her two friends. They have also been camped out in lawn chairs for more than four hours with signs that read, "Justice 4 Trayvon."

"We've been sitting in the same spot since nine o'clock and just want to show our support for Trayvon Martin's family. We are not here to scream and shout, just peacefully show our support for the Martins."

First Coast News has crews spread out across Sanford and will carry the verdict live on air. You can follow Heather Crawford on Twitter @HeatherFCN for updates throughout the day as hundreds wait outside the courthouse in Sanford for the jury to return with a verdict.