It's been a crazy few months for Michelle Kennedy, spokesperson for the 18th Judicial Circuit, which consists of Brevard and Seminole counties.

But right now her biggest gripe is the fact that the courthouse has run out of Diet Coke. "I can't drink this," she says with a smile, and some exasperation, when her assistant returns with a regular Coke.

Inside the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center Saturday, security is tight. Sheriff's deputies outnumber visitors three to one. Media are permitted to enter, but no pictures are allowed, except inside Courtroom 1B, where reporters and court watchers continue to sit tight.

Both the defendant and the attorneys have decided to remain in the building during juror deliberations, and nobody wants to be far when jurors return.

The mood in the courtroom is subdued, even amiable, doubtless helped by the large jar of M&Ms that is available to anyone who cares to help him or herself.

Kennedy continues to work during this "down time," preparing ID badges for family members, processing media seating requests and responding to "thousands" of inquiries from the press hordes in Sanford. She explains that her need to communicate with the press quickly is the reason she created her Twitter account - more efficient and equitable than bulk emails.

With 3,049 followers, hers isn't the most followed Twitter feed, but for court watchers, it is currently the most important. When the jury comes back in, it's Kennedy who will send out word. And when a verdict is reached, she will send out that tweet as well.

"So now if find myself saying what I never thought I'd say," she jokes: "Follow me on twitter."

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