SANFORD, Fla. -- For two days, community members of Goldsboro in Sanford have gathered at the Goldsboro Community Center on verdict watch and as the announcement of a verdict gets closer, residents still expect a peaceful outcome.

"I'm not anticipating any happenings here in Sanford. We haven't done anything other than peaceful demonstrations since the onset of this," said Cheryl Smith, a Sanford resident.

Smith, along with a handful of others at the center just before noon Saturday, is expecting a large crowd to start pouring in as the day progresses. She said she expects a guilty verdict.

"I believe it may be manslaughter. I'm prayerful that if that's the best we can get, that's the best we can get. I'm not trying to crucify him, but we don't want him to get away," said Smith.

The community has been putting up signs saying "No Justice, No Peace," and "Gone but never forgotten Trayvon." Several residents have also made T-shirts in memory of Trayvon Martin.

Residents have also gathered at the center to sing and chant, but so far, they say they plan to keep calm for Trayvon.

"People have a tendency to want to think that there's going to be a riot and all those negative things, but I don't foresee that for the mere fact that we've moved forward, we've moved past that point of time in life. What we are looking for now is that justice be served," said Don Brown, a resident Sanford.