A nationally known jury expert is weighing in on the jury deliberations so far.

Susan Constantine has been in the Zimmerman trial almost every day and says there's a divide among the panel of six women.

Constantine says it appears there's a mix of emotional and logical thinkers on the jury. The issue with that she says is it could take long for everyone to get on the same page.

"The logical thinkers are going to walk chronologically through it. Piece by piece by piece. It could take through all today. Maybe if they decide to work tomorrow, on Sunday, then have something on Monday morning. Or they could be deliberating all day long then come late tonight before dinner, we've got a vote."

Constantine also says jury research shows a 'majority effect' might come into play.

That's when two or fewer jurors might be able to be swayed one way if after the first vote four or five out of the six are on the same page already.