NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. -- Thursday night's balcony collapse raises quite a few questions and concerns.

An independent contractor told First Coast News there are things you can do right now to make sure something catastrophic doesn't happen to your deck or balcony.

Police said anywhere from 20-50 people could have been on the deck that collapsed at the time.

"I wouldn't put more than about 10 people on a deck," said Clifford Krynock, in offering his opinion.

Krynock is an independent contractor and owner of Key Construction. He has 30 years of experience.

"I've built a lot of decks," he said.

FCN wanted to know, could it happen again?

Inspector condemns beach house, labels it unsafe structure

Krynock said deck railings should be 36 inches high. He said the deck and stairs should be consistent and not bounce. Krynock said that the deck wood should be solid and pressure treated.

First For You, Krynock said to look for specifics like wood rot on the deck or joists.

"If it looks at all unsafe," he said. "Report it to the city."

FCN talked to attorney Fred Elefant who said in this case, renters could be entitled to receive the rest of this month's paid rent. Also, in this case, the landlord is responsible for the building's condition but may not be responsible for covering things like hotel stays or paying for relocation for tenants.

Krynock recommends getting your deck checked every few years by a contractor, engineer or in some cases, yourself.