JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- At least one hundred people waited outside a hanger at Craig Airfield holding signs and balloons to greet the airplane carrying Ben Bowersox.

The five-year-oldis back home on the First Coast for the first time in seven weeks after receiving treatment at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina.

Bowersox needed treatment after several of his fingers were cut off in an accident at an airport hangar back in May.

Ben spent time in a hyperbaric chamber to keep his fingers alive while in North Carolina.

"Your heart is just wrenched when you hear about something this tragic when the accident happened," said Teri VanDuyne, amember of First Baptist Church.

Members of the churchhave been showing their support for Ben and his father Dr. Steve Bowersox since the accident. Dr. Bowersox is a minister at First Baptist Church and for the past two months, he has been an inspiration to his church members.

"They've [Ben and Dr. Bowersox] never given up and Steve has been a great testimony through this whole seven weeks just staying strong in his faith," said VanDuyne.

Ben's grandmother said the boy is doing better. The church is asking the community to keep praying for his full recovery.

"If folks would just pray for Ben and pray for Steve and for the family I don't know that there's anything else they need more than that," said Mac Brunson, Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church.