JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Three people escaped serious injury Friday after an SUV slammed into the front of a house.

It happened in the 2600 block of Spring Lake Rd. on the west side near the intersection of Wilson Blvd.

Detective JC Hurst with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said a man, 24, in a black Chevrolet Trailblazer was traveling westbound on Wilson around 3:05 a.m.

Hurst said the man was traveling too fast and lost control at a curve before going through one front yard and into another.

That is when the SUV slammed into the house, ending on its side and partially inside the house's living room.

Hurst said the force of the impact caused the driver to be ejected from the car.

"The gentleman was ejected out of the vehicle and thrown onto the couch," Hurst said.

The man, who's identity has not been released, was taken to UF Health at Jacksonville and was originally believed to be in life-threatening condition.

But Hurst said the man's condition was upgraded early Friday, and now he is expected to be okay.

A large debris field, including tire marks in the grass, broken mailboxes and uprooted bushes, was also left behind.

Two women, meanwhile, were inside the home sleeping when the crash happened.

Neither one of them wished to speak with First Coast News on camera, but said they feel incredibly lucky they are unharmed.

From inside the home, damage included a shattered sliding glass door and a large hole in the front of the home.

Samantha James, a next door neighbor, said she woke up at the sound of the impact.

"It was crazy. I was sound asleep. I heard a really loud bang," she said.

James expressed relief that her house wasn't involved, but also that her two neighbors are okay.

She said, "My living room is right on the side there facing their house, so I'm just glad it wasn't me because it could have turned out a lot worse."

At least one other neighbor, Julia Ewens, said the crash isn't all that surprising.

She said people speed through the same curve on Wilson Blvd. all the time.

Ewens had her mailbox blown out by the 24-year-old driver early Friday.

"I heard them hit our mailbox, and I thought they hit our mailbox again," she said.

But now that a car has ended up colliding with someone's house, Ewens would like to see some safety upgrades.

"Maybe if they just lowered the speed and then put the big reflectors up across there," she suggested.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating the crash to determine if alcohol or drugs were factors.