JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- We are finding out more from the people who live in the neighborhood where an SUV slammed into a home on Spring Lake Road early Friday morning. Neighbors tell First Coast News they want action taken.

Police said the force of the crash was so great, the 24-year-old SUV driver was ejected from the SUV and landed on a couch inside the home.

According to police, everyone involved is OK. Police believe the driver was just going too fast.

"They drive through here like they're just absolutely crazy," said Lacey Boone, who lives a few doors down from the home.

Boone said she can't help but watch drivers roll through her neighborhood.

"The speed limit's 30 and they go at least 50 or 60 down this street," she said emphatically, "Constantly."

She's so concerned she said she won't let her young child play in the front yard.

"We have to play in the back yard because if we go in the front yard, if he goes out in the street," she said, "they're going to hit him."

Julia Ewens, who also lives in the neighborhood said, "They hit our mailbox all the time."

Ewens talked about how many times she replaces her mailbox.

"I would say we replace it a couple times a year," she said.

First Coast News asked neighbors why they think this seems to happen.

"I don't think it's a shortcut," Boone said as she talked about her street. "I think they just know where they're going and they feel they want to get home."

In August 2012, along Kennerly and Barnes Roads, Janay Jackson, 17, of Jacksonville, was killed after a car slammed into her bedroom while she was sleeping. In response, in April 2013, city spokesperson Debbie Delgado said the city put down rumble strips, a warning sign and a larger stop sign along Barnes Road.

Friday, across town, neighbors called for changes of their own.

"I guess a guard rail," said Ewens. "Maybe if they just lowered the speed and then put the big reflectors up across there."

First For You, Delgado said there is no record of people reporting a request for a traffic study in the area of Spring Lake Road and Wilson Boulevard.

If you want one, Delgado explained, all you have to do is call 630-CITY and the city will do one to see what improvements need to be made.

A link to the city's Department of Public Works traffic calming manual can be found here.

That study could take a few days or weeks to complete.