By LaMonique Giddens, UNF

SANFORD, Fla. - The prosecution continued full steam ahead in the George Zimmerman murder trial on Friday.

The first witness of the day, Greg McKinney, who works in the IT department of US Security Alliance, which is the company that installed the security cameras in The Retreat at Twin Lakes neighborhood. McKinney monitors the cameras remotely and he said that the cameras on the front gate of the neighborhood were not working the night Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.

There were, however, working cameras inside the clubhouse and inside the pool hall. They showed something passing by the window of the clubhouse and a light that appears by the mailboxes consecutively. McKinney was only on the stand for 18 minutes.

The prosecution then called Jonathan Good. Good's townhouse backs up to the now infamous "T" courtyard area where incident took place. Good testified that after hearing two separate noises, he went outside to see what was going on.

Then, in what some people believe is the most provocative testimony so far in this trial, Good said he saw two people on the ground, someone wearing dark clothes on top and the person on the bottom wearing red and white and that it looked to him like the person on the bottom had lighter skin and the person on top was moving their arms in an MMA "ground and pound" fashion.

MMA stands for mixed martial arts and it is a sport that combines several different fighting styles such as boxing, wrestling, and various types of martial arts. The term "ground and pound" refers to a fighter getting another fighter on the ground, straddling him and then "pounding" him or hitting him repeatedly.

Not great testimony for the prosecution? Yes. Catastrophic? No. Although Good's testimony wasn't really good for the prosecution, it wasn't the "win" for the defense that some people think it was. Good said he only saw the altercation for a few seconds and he saw the positions change. The word he used was "tussle."

Since it has been established that Zimmerman and Martin were fighting and there have been different reports on who was on the top and who was on the bottom, those reports are not conflicting but they reflect the different positions that would occur within seconds with two people fighting or "tussling." Good was only outside for several seconds. He was already back inside his home on the phone with 911 when he heard the gunshot.

The third witness of the day was Jonathan Manalo. He is the husband of a previous witness. He was the first person to see Zimmerman after he shot Martin. Manalo said he was outside 10 to 20 seconds after he heard the gunshot and Zimmerman said "I was defending myself and I shot him."

Manalo said he noticed blood on Zimmerman's nose and the back of his head and asked Zimmerman if he should call 911. Zimmerman told him that he already had. Manalo also testified that Zimmerman was very calm and did ask him to contact his wife and tell her that he shot someone.

The last few witnesses of the day were law enforcement and EMT and they all testified to Martin's position, which was face down with his hands underneath him and to Zimmerman's head lacerations and bloody nose.

LaMonique Giddens is a senior and a double major in Political Science and Psychology at University of North Florida. She will be attending law school in the fall of 2014 and pursuing her master's degree in Psychology in 2014. She is interested becoming a trial attorney and interested in the fields of jury selection and trial advocacy.