FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. - An arrest has been made in connection to an attempted kidnapping of two juveniles on May 18.

According to a Fernandina Beach Police Department press release, two juveniles were walking down the 1000 block of Atlantic Avenue when a driver of a van motioned for them to approach the vehicle.

When the kids tried to walk away, the driver blocked their way with the vehicle. The release said the driver had a pink bandana around the face and a TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun. The passenger got out of the vehicle and motioned them to enter the van.

The kids gave up their phones and money instead, and the driver took the items and left the area.

The juveniles gave the Fernandina Police officers a partial license plate number as well as a description of the driver and passenger.

During the investigation, the officers identified Corey Eaton as the driver. Eaton, 18, allegedly confessed to robbing the victims at gunpoint, which was stolen.

The release said Eaton gave the name of the passenger in the vehicle.

When a search warrant was issued for the vehicle and Fernandina Officers found the pink bandana and cell phones in the trunk.

Eaton was transported to the Nassau County Jail and is being held on $225,000.00 bond, on charges that include Attempted Kidnap, Armed Robbery, Grand Theft, and Grand Theft of a Firearm.

Fernandina Police are currently looking for the passenger of the vehicle.