Hernando Sheriff's deputies say a man tried to burn a couple alive just three days after being released from jail.

Deputies say just after midnight on June 15, Sylvester Frances Kulaga was released from the Hernando County Detention Center, where he had been since November on various drug and larceny charges.

Then on June 18 around 6 a.m., Kulaga allegedly went to the home he used to live in with his ex-girlfriend, Lisa Massey. He opened a window and unlocked to door to get inside. Once inside, he kicked in the bedroom door where he found Massey and her new boyfriend, James Mullis, lying in bed.

Deputies say Kulaga then doused them with lighter fluid and reportedly tried to start a fire by spraying a can of spray paint in their direction and lighting it.

Massey jumped out of bed and lunged at Kulaga in an attempt to stop him from starting a fire. At the same time their roommate, Marvin Harvey, heard the commotion and rushed in to help.

When Harvey tried to stop Kulaga, Kulaga grabbed him by the throat and threw him out of the bedroom.

Eventually, Massey and Harvey were able to overpower Kulaga and push him out of the home. He then fled on foot.

He was captured and arrested on Wednesday night.