By June, Floridians already know to break out the shorts and tank tops, but there are other essentials that can make surviving the heat and humidity a little more bearable.

-Most importantly: Sunscreen! Convenient sizes and various kinds such as waterproof are available for any activity. The key is to reapply. Lip balm with SPF is great to have on to avoid getting sunburnt lips.

-A tumbler cup with a favorite cold beverage and a couple of ice cubes will stay cold for hours. It promotes hydration and going green since the cup, lid and straw can continually be washed and reused.

-Sunglasses that fit well and block UVA and UVB rays are crucial in protecting eyes from the sun.Also, they improve vision without squinting, especially while driving. Many prescription brands also offer a sunglass version.

-Deodorant is essential to combat the rising temperatures that cause excessive sweating. A spare travel size deodorant could be necessary throughout the day, as long as it isn't left in the car to melt. The higher the percent of antiperspirant shown on the label, the stronger it is, making it more likely to last longer.

-Hats act as a portable shade and guard the sensitive skin on faces from harmful sunrays. Whether it's a baseball cap, fedora, or wide-brim hat, there are useful styles for guys and girls.

-Face wipes are compact and get rid of dirt, oil, and sweat throughout the day to avoid breakouts and looking sweaty when going from one place to another. Reapplication of sunscreen may be necessary following use of face wipes.

-Loose clothing is better to wear in the heat to let skin breathe.When the occasional breeze flows through, loose clothing allows for more comfort. Tight clothes are more restrictive and therefore trap in body heat and keep sweat from evaporating, which could cause a heat rash.

-Waterproof cases could save loads of money in water damage, repair or replacement. Water is unavoidable in the heat of the summer, especially near the beach. A reliable case for high-tech devices could prove very valuable and save the use and disposal of plastic bags in order to go green.

Protecting skin, appearance and belongings can be tricky when summer is in full force, but these tips are sure to significantly make that easier and more convenient while keeping the health of the environment in mind as well.